Daily Pop Crosswords July 25 2018 Answers

In our website we have posted all Daily Pop Crosswords July 25 2018 Answers.. This game is quite more convenient and much more diverse. Each day it has a different theme about different topics of our lives. The rules on how to play this game are almost the same as the ones for the classic crossword puzzles. The same structure and the same rules. Look at the clues and fill in the grid vertically and horizontally with the answers. But a great advantage of Daily Pop is that you can use “hints” to help you while you get stuck in difficult and tricky clues.

Daily Pop Crosswords July 25 2018 Answers



  1. “___ & Order” (long-running police drama series)
  2. Tachometer units (Abbr.)
  3. Phone in a pocket
  4. Manning who was MVP of Super Bowl XLII and XLVI
  5. Poet Sandburg or astronomer Sagan
  6. ___ code (part of a phone number)
  7. State capital of 48-Across from 1820 to 1839
  8. Grocery holders
  9. “___ what you mean” (2 wds.)
  10. Catches as a crook
  11. State capital of 48-Across since 1839
  12. Actress Hatcher of “Desperate Housewives”
  13. Showed again on TV
  14. Not bright
  15. Actor who plays Yin Yang in “The Expendables” films (2 wds.)
  16. Relaxing place
  17. Come to light
  18. Surf-shop owner on “Hannah Montana”
  19. Former U.S. President who served as State Senator and U.S. Senator of 48-Across (2 wds.)
  20. Stake at the beginning of a poker hand
  21. “Luther” actor Idris
  22. Salsa brand with a sun logo
  23. State that is celebrating its bicentennial in 2018
  24. Bing discoveries (Abbr.)
  25. ___ the Wet Sprocket (rock band)
  26. Short flight
  27. Vegetable that may be pickled or candied
  28. ___ bag (slouchy purse)
  29. Stubborn animal
  30. ___ Strauss & Co. (jeans maker)
  31. “What a pity!”
  32. Cabernet and rosé
  33. Color TV pioneer
  34. Buddy
  35. CAT scan kin for short
  36. Very informal language
  37. Taxi driver
  38. Mistake-removing tools
  39. Relay race segment
  40. “Leaving ___ Vegas” (1995 Elisabeth Shue film)
  41. The “D” of DMV (Abbr.)
  42. Toto hit song that mentions Kilimanjaro
  43. Turn down as a manuscript
  44. Dublin’s country (Abbr.)
  45. Explosive stuff informally
  46. Friendly cat’s place
  47. Genetic letters
  48. Apply gently
  49. Financial planner’s recommendation (Abbr.)
  50. “The ___ Season” (2018 Helen Hunt film about a high-school volleyball team)
  51. Ad-___ (improvise onstage)
  52. Most rational
  53. “___ IV: The Awakening”
  54. Mets star Hernandez who appeared in two episodes of “Seinfeld”
  55. Waikiki greeting
  56. Book cover blurbs informally
  57. Scary Nile snakes
  58. Irish watering hole
  59. “What ___ the odds?”
  60. British lav
  61. Dr. Jekyll’s workplace
  62. Altar vow (2 wds.)

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