Pokemon Masters Full Walkthrough Guide

Everyone goes crazy every time a Pokemon game is launched and this remains true for the newest Pokemon mobile game called Pokemon Masters. The game is just one month old and it has more than one million downloads only in Play Store. It has scored a great rating in both App Store and Play Store and it hit the #1 place in Role Playing category.

The game mostly focuses on a tournament called Pokemon Masters League or PML for short. The player’s goal is to become the champion of this tournament while making awesome teams with friends they find on the way.

There’s a lot of things you can do in Pokemon Masters. First, you need to collect badges that are required to enter the Pokemon Masters League. After that, you can make friends and strengthen your skills by practicing over and over. There’s a special training area where you can grow even stronger, and there are daily missions you can complete. But the best part of the game are of course, the matches. The competition is strong, but there is only one first place. In this walkthrough guide, we will help you become the best player you can possibly be.

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