Word Jewels Answers

Word Jewels Answers. This is a very interesting game of forming as many words in a given time. But what is that makes this game so challenging and fun?

First of all it is easy to play, all you have to do is tap on the letters and form the words you have guessed. After you have build a valid word you not only receive points but also receive a small time boost, so the more words you find the longer you can play.

The rules and the “pressure” of the time make this a very challenging and exciting game.

Also to gather as many points as possible you must know “the secrets” of the game. Form words that are long and with letters that are next to each other on the board, the more you have in a row the higher your score will be.

Give your brain some workout, challenge you skills and have a nice time by playing this game.

Word Jewels Answers


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